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Polycarbonate roller shutters

Polycarbonate is a manmade material that's especially suitable for roller shutters. Like glass, it's transparent, but unlike glass, it's very hard to break.

Extremely strong roller shutters

detail of a Clearlook polycarbonate roller shutter curtain.
Polycarbonate roller shutters combine high visibility with exceptional strength.

Our polycarbonate roller shutters are of a special design with reinforced steel rods between the panels. The design and materials make our polycarbonate shutters extremely strong and resistant to forced entry.

Ideal shutters for displaying valuables behind

The combination of high visibility with exceptional strength make our polycarbonate shutters ideal for shops that want to keep valuable goods on display, such as jewellers. Also, these shutters are a good choice for premises that require a higher level of security, for example banks.

2 Types of polycarbonate roller shutters

We offer 2 types of polycarbonate roller shutter: the Facade and the Clearlook. Both are made from the same virtually unbreakable material, but there are differences:

Differences Facade and Clearlook

The Facade roller shutter is made from continuous polycarbonate panels (for shutters wider than 3 metres, panels are linked horizontally with aluminium mullion pieces). Panels nearer the top of the opening are lower, while panels nearer the bottom of the shutter are higher. This difference becomes especially notable on higher openings, where Facade shutters have larger areas of continuous polycarbonate.

The Clearlook curtain is made from smaller, standardised links (360mmW x 85mmH), connected by aluminium tubes. In effect this gives the shutter curtain a more regular look with more frequent visual interruptions.

Ram-raid resistant option available

In addition to our standard polycarbonate roller shutters, we can also supply a ram-raid resistant version. The ram-raid resistant polycarbonate shutter has been tested to withstand the impact of a car driving into it with 30 miles an hour.

Roller shutters with Polycarbonate infill panels

Polycarbonate infill panels on roller shutters with punch-outs.
The cutouts on K90 shutters can have polycarbonate glazing for extra protection.

Polycarbonate is a beautiful and very strong material, especially suited for roller shutters. However, it is a more expensive material than steel or aluminium.

If a roller shutter built completely from polycarbonate is not desirable, we also have several shutters with polycarbonate infill panels (glazing).

We supply three types of shutters with polycarbonate glazing:

  • The K90 Aluminium roller shutter - these are lightweight and strong shutters with polycarbonate infilled cut-outs. K90 shutters have large amounts of open space and are perfectly suited for shop fronts.
  • The K25 punched aluminium shutter - this is a shutter with a smaller profile that can have punch outs with polycarbonate infills like the K90. K25 shutters roll up into a smaller box and are especially suited for protecting smaller openings such as office windows and doors, domestic properties and reception areas.
  • FlexiGlide Vision Glass sliding shutters - unlike traditional roller shutters, FlexiGlide grilles slide and fold horizontally. The Vision Glass has large polycarbonate glazed panels for optimum visibility and security. See the Vision Glass page on the FlexiGlide website for more information.

Product overview Polycarbonate roller shutters

The table below shows an overview of our range of Polycarbonate roller shutters and grilles. Clicking the headings sorts the columns underneath by price, security level, etc. (hold shift for multiple columns). click to sort (hold shift to select multiple columns)

Overview Polycarbonate shutters (click headings to sort)
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
Facade shopfront roller shutter Facade Transparent £££
80% Transparent polycarbonate.
Excellent security and visibility.
More »
FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters ££
Varies Slides horizontally, follows any curve. Various levels of security and visibility. Effective security when fitted internally. More »
SeceuroVision aluminium shopfront roller grille SeceuroVision 900 ££
55% - 69% Aluminium Grille.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
Clearlook shopfront roller shutter Clearlook Polycarbonate £££
80% Transparent polycarbonate.
Superb security and visibility.
More »
K25 aluminium roller shutter with small box K25 Aluminium £
0% Rolls up in small box.
Highly versatile aluminium security shutter. More »

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